Throughout our 50+ years of combined real estate and mortgage experience, we have come to know primarily one thing: home buyers and sellers need certainty. Consumers financing a mortgage need certainty. Buywiser's number one priority is not only that you receive the lowest mortgage rate but that our team provides an education and an informative experience. 

 What is better: a 10-year interest-only loan or a 30-year amortized loan? What is the difference between and APR and an interest rate?   What are "loan points" and should you pay them?  What if rates go down during the process, will you get the lower rate?  Our team members all licensed loan officers are trained to teach, and answer these important questions. 

Every Buywiser interaction is a teaching moment. Our advice is built on mutual understanding. In order to best help you, we need you to be informed. Through working with us, we will provide you with the logic and reasoning tools to make the best decision for you and your family. 

By the end of your experience with us, you will have solace in knowing the difference because financial education is the key to a better and wiser life. 

Our team of  licensed loan officers and processors have over 50 years of combined mortgage loan experience. 

Bennett liss, our founder has over 28 years in the real estate and mortgage business is also the founder of PACE, the first reverse 911 system (now Blackboard Connect), connecting all schools, cities, and municipalities to every citizen in the event of an emergency. Said of his previous company, PACE, "…During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, -Pace’s Connect service was one of the most important members of our team," - Rochelle Cancienne (Director of Public Info, St. Charles Parish Public Schools, New Orleans). For his revolutionary life-saving work, Bennett received the Fast company, Fast 50 Award for changing the way society communicates. 

Buywiser's mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence. Our team's goals are to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Furthermore, we pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan.